cost and Registration:

All races will be $25 for adults and $15 for junior racers.  Registration is day of unless stated otherwise and up to the individual race promoter. No additional day of registration fees will be applied.  Registration closed 30 minutes prior to each categories scheduled start time.

Race CategorieS:

CAT 3 - Beginner racer.  Requires heavy breathing when going uphill.  Not too serious and generally has the most fun.

CAT 2 - Intermediate racer with previous racing experience and moderate fitness.  Puts in more work training than necessary and denies they should be Cat 1.

CAT 1 - Experienced racer and advanced fitness.  Generally takes things far too seriously for regional racing and sticks to a dedicated training program.

Masters (40+ and 50+) - Racers who fall into an older age category and have most likely started to receive AARP fliers in the mail.

Single Speed - Only has one gear. Makes riding a bike harder than it needs to be.  Full of excuses.

Clydesdale - Racers over 220 lbs.  Loves a good cheeseburger on the starting line.

Juniors (U18/U14) - Young guns.  Just starting to learn how fun riding bikes is.  Curious as to why grown adults are riding around in spandex


Cat 1: 100% cash payout to top three for men and women (we take 100% of the entry fees from the Cat 1 field and divide it up between the top 3 finishers).

First - 60%

Second - 30%

Third - 10%

Cat 2, 3, Masters, Clydesdale, Juniors: Merchandise for top three men and women.


A rider's best 4 finishes out of the 5 BMC Series races will be used to calculate a series point total.  Points are based on overall place within the category.  Series overall awards TBD.


Start Times:

CategoriesStart TimeDistancePrizes
CAT 1 MEN10:00 AMApprox 25-30 milesCASH PAYOUT
CAT 1 MEN/MASTERS (40+ & 50+)10:02 AMApprox 25-30 milesCASH PAYOUT
CAT 1 WOMEN10:04 AMApprox 25-30 milesCASH PAYOUT
CAT 1 WOMEN MASTERS (40+ & 50+)10:06 AMApprox 25-30 milesCASH PAYOUT
CAT 2 MEN10:10Approx 20 milesMERCH/3
CAT 2 MEN MASTERS (40+ & 50+)10:12 AMApprox 20 milesMERCH/3
CAT 2 WOMEN10:14 AMApprox 20 milesMERCH/3
CAT 2 WOMEN MASTERS (40+ & 50+)10:16 AMApprox 20 milesMERCH/3
SINGLE SPEED10:18 AMApprox 20 milesMERCH/3
CAT 3 MEN12:00 PMApprox 10 milesMERCH/3
CAT 3 MEN MASTERS (40+ & 50+)12:02 PMApprox 10 milesMERCH/3
CAT 3 WOMEN12:04 PMApprox 10 milesMERCH/3
CAT 3 WOMEN MASTERS (40+ & 50+)12:06 PMApprox 10 milesMERCH/3
CLYDESDALE12:08 PMApprox 10 milesMERCH/3
U18 BOYS12:10Approx 10 milesMERCH/3
U18 GIRLS12:12Approx 10 milesMERCH/3
U14 BOYS12:14ModifiedMERCH/3
U14 GIRLS12:16ModifiedMERCH/3
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